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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tacos Parfavor?

I went to Taco Bell this afternoon. MMM on the XXL CHALUPA!! It took me back...I was mystified as tears of joy were flowing down my cheek as I took another bite of my Chalupa and thought of Mom's hot sauce and how Taco Bell has come a long way to make a spectacular product that really outshines the other Taco places around here. Give me a GIANT CRISPY yet Fluffy inside Chalupa shell, then fill it with seasoned ground beef (only like Taco Bell can do), then throw in a double whammy of sour cream ALLL OVVVVER that crispy fresh salad on top. And then what do they do? BLAMM!!! They finish it off with a whaz of Cheeeze Whizzz! Delicious and unbelievable....absolutely. Is this thing on?

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