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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bicycle Ride around Fort Worth 10/16/10

Observations on my Saturday ride around the town were not that far from boring but a little discerning. Lately I been taking a different route through the neighborhoods by my place ( a mere shortcut if you will) Taylor street, then Roberts Cut off, then Blackstone, then Isbell. Isbell will end up on White Settlement rd, and then over the Trinity. The street crew has recently tarred that part of White Settlement Rd, and let me just say that I was infuriated by the lack of bike lanes as the city of Fort Worth had promised on the new Bicycle Friendly initiative. Not only did they not put bike lanes, they also did away with the shoulder that was there before they re-did that part of the road. So now all you have is crumpled up tar and asphalt on the edges of that road. Why would they say something and not take the opportunity to make some new bike lanes? What is so hard about getting the road crew to lay down more shoulder and then paint an extra line for a bike lane? Come on Fort Worth, don't let us down again...

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