Tweet NoTaco4U: October 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Orosco's Taco Truck on Jacksboro

I had just finished an awesome ride with Fort Worth critical mass and after having a couple pints at the T&P bar, I was ready to head out for some alcohol soaking grub. As I was planning to head over to the Taco Bell, I realized I was not that far from that Taco truck on 2160 Jacksboro Hwy, Fort Worth, TX at the Valero gas station.I call it Orosco's because it has this unfinished word on the front that was close enough and the Truck didn't really have a name. I ordered 2 tripas and 1 barbacoa taco and they were served on a paper plate and wrapped up in celophane. These gems were absolutely delicious. The bonus was that green hot sauce in a cup that they packaged along with the Taco plate. This was also served with plenty of onions and cilantro. OMG! Especially at 5 bucks! You cannot beat that for you get on your plate. This place has the BEST tacos I've tasted so far. I mean, I don't know when I have felt this happy about a taco stand.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The Nightmare is a new bar on Elm Street in Deep Ellum that offers a different atmosphere than most bars in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Rayon Beach, a dapper trio out of Austin Texas starts the show with a powerful Psychedelic set of unmasked proportions. I was really blown away by these dudes. They went through their catalog with ease starting it out with "Oh Yeah" as well as a couple I did not recognize toward the end. The power was raw and uninhibited and it was a shame that it was only in front of a small crowd. The good people at Parade of Flesh finally start putting out good shows and it seems that not many are paying attention. Well, it could also be that it was a Tuesday night. But hell no, if I can drive all the fucking way from the West Side of Fort Worth to come over and support the music scene, then there is absolutely NO EXCUSE! Great show by these openers. Not to dampen the party here, but to throw an absolute surprise in the three ring circus of hella great sound, The Royal Baths take the stage and open it up with a tooth shattering slow and building outright jam "Needle and Thread" that rattled the hair follicles on my skull. The Royal Baths from San Francisco California come into town and shake things up in Texas with a fantastic set and it was a nice surprise to experience them for the first time. The Fresh & Onlys, also from San Francisco, close this one out with most of their popular tunes and rock that stage with every song they perform. A fusion of heat and sweat are present among their stage presence. By that time I was already getting concerned about my alcoholic intake and decided to call it a night and sadly I ducked out during their last song to close out my tab. It was a great show and I look forward to more shows at the Nightmare.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


RAYON BEACH out of Austin Texas is an interesting band that when first listened to brings back old memories of that night you fell off the hood of your 1972 El Camino in a drunken stooper and spilled your beer onto your leather bomber jacket. Wow what a waste of a night that was sitting on the hood of your car with you next door neighbor girl friend who hadn't yet given it up and yet tonight was the night you would jump on the chance. Yet she was no fool to your advances and she kicked you in the nads. That's what you get from the 3Tet from the city of WEIRD. That unforgiving shot to the nads as if YOU had all along been saying, YEAH I've heard these guys before, when do we change the record?...then SMASHO!!! A FOOT INTO YOUR NADS!! I am anticipating their show @ Nightmare on Tuesday October 26th. It's gonna be messy for sure.

Friday, October 22, 2010

MEMORYHOUSE - Needle Exchange 041: Quiet America

This one starts out a matter of fact...verrrrrrrrry slowwwww. So give it a little time to start coming in. You'll appreciate it...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


These guys are pretty cool. San Francisco locals that seem to spend most of their time in Austin Texas....

Monday, October 18, 2010


The Sweethearts "Burnin Through The Nite" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.

After getting into San Fransisco's own "Rangers" and ordering their Suburban Tours LP, I been really getting into their record label "Old English Spelling Bee" a lot lately and I have not yet been disappointed. I got this video off of Vimeo a while ago and thought hmmm I should really post this. It's pretty good.

Lyrics are below.


I know i got a habit
and i ain't gonna break it
A man's just gotta grab it yeah
and get a little crazy
At night its my obsession
something inside me
I know just what you're thinkin
don't care about a damn thing


I know i wont be sorry
If i'm burning through the nite
Its alright
I'll do it again
You know it wont be easy
If i'm burning through the night
Its alright
We'll do it again

The fire's already started
i've turned into a monster
Attracted to the magic
and girl i'm gonna flaunt ya
You question my direction
say i'm unhappy
But i'd rather burn in heaven
don't wanna get married

Taco Bell is good for you...for my pocket anyway....

Taco Bell for lunch again...this time I ordered the 4 crunchy Tacos and no drink. It was only $3.85 and the lady offered me a complimentary drink at no charge! I was like ummmm HEll yes gimme that drink woman! I did...and my pockets thank you for it. Fire Sauce...the only way to eat the Taco.

Holy F**k - Red Lights

As I watched this in absolute horror since I have no love for the cat, I realize that people actually have the balls to put out a music video like this. This one pulls out all the stops for me as far as being a liked video. The cats are pissing me off messing with those instruments like that. LEave that alone you damned pesky CATS!!

Bicycle Ride around Fort Worth 10/16/10

Observations on my Saturday ride around the town were not that far from boring but a little discerning. Lately I been taking a different route through the neighborhoods by my place ( a mere shortcut if you will) Taylor street, then Roberts Cut off, then Blackstone, then Isbell. Isbell will end up on White Settlement rd, and then over the Trinity. The street crew has recently tarred that part of White Settlement Rd, and let me just say that I was infuriated by the lack of bike lanes as the city of Fort Worth had promised on the new Bicycle Friendly initiative. Not only did they not put bike lanes, they also did away with the shoulder that was there before they re-did that part of the road. So now all you have is crumpled up tar and asphalt on the edges of that road. Why would they say something and not take the opportunity to make some new bike lanes? What is so hard about getting the road crew to lay down more shoulder and then paint an extra line for a bike lane? Come on Fort Worth, don't let us down again...

Politik and Coffee grounds...

This morning I am awakened by the calming lull of The Xx on BBC radio and was not surprised to hear them on. As their popularity has grown at a substantially high rate unfortunately, it's almost impossible to get a ticket to any of their venues. They have dominated the buzz on the indie pop music scene and just like that they have become a mainstream sensation. I am a little jaded about bands like The Xx in that they are so good and so talked about that they gain popularity faster than a new taco truck on the corner. As I listened to them on the radio, the deep voice of Oliver Sim almost put me back to sleep. When Romy Croft came on, her voice awakened me even more and I could not get back to sleep. They talked about how all their 11 shows in 3 weeks were sold out almost within the first 3 hours of ticket sales and how that really caught them off guard as well as a lot of indie fans who were anticipating their show and missed out because of their new found popularity due to extreme buzz and exposure at most of the major music festivals around the world. This was followed abruptly by more news of the Mexican Cartels taking over entire areas of Mexican states and was being compared as dictatorships in a new era of politics on the border. Now...I find myself stumbling into the kitchen and throwing on the coffee maker then spilling half a bag of coffee onto my bare feet by accident. I am LIVID at this moment and immediately jump into the shower to get that gritty and grimy coffee off my feet. I am running out of time as I am getting my clothes on and realize that now there is coffee all over the floor and I am walking over it and tracking it into the living room. Damn this, I'll get a cup at 7-11. I get into 7-11 and all they have is the $1.69 Snoop Dog cup for a cause coffee cups. I yell out at the clerk..."This all the cups you got?" He says....yeah...SO here I go paying $1.70 for a cup of coffee and at first I am upset, but then I realize that it's for a good cause...Anything to back my boy Snoop Dog. But now here is the good part, remember I dropped coffee grounds on my feet this morning? Somehow, and I am not sure if it's the good coffee or that I had coffee grounds caked onto my feet and maybe with that hot shower, somehow the coffee got into my skin and now maybe that's why I am so hopped up this morning. After all your feet have thousands of nerve endings that are connected to your entire body. I feel crazy right now...WooooHOO!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Root Beer...Beer? Where? I have my check book out....

You know how it is. All your life you are searching. Since you were a kid, you've been looking for something. Whether you were snooping around the kitchen drawers at your Grandma's house, or looking through the dirty mags in your uncles tool shed.  You've been searching ALL YOUR LIFE! Me too for that matter. Not really searching for love because I have plenty of that already. No sir. I am searching for a real old fashioned kick you in the nuts honest to goodness Root Beer. That's alcoholic Root Beer son. Please tell me that there is such a thing...Please tell me that my search has just begun....Because I love me some friggggin Root Beeyr!

Tacos Parfavor?

I went to Taco Bell this afternoon. MMM on the XXL CHALUPA!! It took me back...I was mystified as tears of joy were flowing down my cheek as I took another bite of my Chalupa and thought of Mom's hot sauce and how Taco Bell has come a long way to make a spectacular product that really outshines the other Taco places around here. Give me a GIANT CRISPY yet Fluffy inside Chalupa shell, then fill it with seasoned ground beef (only like Taco Bell can do), then throw in a double whammy of sour cream ALLL OVVVVER that crispy fresh salad on top. And then what do they do? BLAMM!!! They finish it off with a whaz of Cheeeze Whizzz! Delicious and unbelievable....absolutely. Is this thing on?