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Monday, October 18, 2010

Politik and Coffee grounds...

This morning I am awakened by the calming lull of The Xx on BBC radio and was not surprised to hear them on. As their popularity has grown at a substantially high rate unfortunately, it's almost impossible to get a ticket to any of their venues. They have dominated the buzz on the indie pop music scene and just like that they have become a mainstream sensation. I am a little jaded about bands like The Xx in that they are so good and so talked about that they gain popularity faster than a new taco truck on the corner. As I listened to them on the radio, the deep voice of Oliver Sim almost put me back to sleep. When Romy Croft came on, her voice awakened me even more and I could not get back to sleep. They talked about how all their 11 shows in 3 weeks were sold out almost within the first 3 hours of ticket sales and how that really caught them off guard as well as a lot of indie fans who were anticipating their show and missed out because of their new found popularity due to extreme buzz and exposure at most of the major music festivals around the world. This was followed abruptly by more news of the Mexican Cartels taking over entire areas of Mexican states and was being compared as dictatorships in a new era of politics on the border. Now...I find myself stumbling into the kitchen and throwing on the coffee maker then spilling half a bag of coffee onto my bare feet by accident. I am LIVID at this moment and immediately jump into the shower to get that gritty and grimy coffee off my feet. I am running out of time as I am getting my clothes on and realize that now there is coffee all over the floor and I am walking over it and tracking it into the living room. Damn this, I'll get a cup at 7-11. I get into 7-11 and all they have is the $1.69 Snoop Dog cup for a cause coffee cups. I yell out at the clerk..."This all the cups you got?" He says....yeah...SO here I go paying $1.70 for a cup of coffee and at first I am upset, but then I realize that it's for a good cause...Anything to back my boy Snoop Dog. But now here is the good part, remember I dropped coffee grounds on my feet this morning? Somehow, and I am not sure if it's the good coffee or that I had coffee grounds caked onto my feet and maybe with that hot shower, somehow the coffee got into my skin and now maybe that's why I am so hopped up this morning. After all your feet have thousands of nerve endings that are connected to your entire body. I feel crazy right now...WooooHOO!

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