Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The Nightmare is a new bar on Elm Street in Deep Ellum that offers a different atmosphere than most bars in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Rayon Beach, a dapper trio out of Austin Texas starts the show with a powerful Psychedelic set of unmasked proportions. I was really blown away by these dudes. They went through their catalog with ease starting it out with "Oh Yeah" as well as a couple I did not recognize toward the end. The power was raw and uninhibited and it was a shame that it was only in front of a small crowd. The good people at Parade of Flesh finally start putting out good shows and it seems that not many are paying attention. Well, it could also be that it was a Tuesday night. But hell no, if I can drive all the fucking way from the West Side of Fort Worth to come over and support the music scene, then there is absolutely NO EXCUSE! Great show by these openers. Not to dampen the party here, but to throw an absolute surprise in the three ring circus of hella great sound, The Royal Baths take the stage and open it up with a tooth shattering slow and building outright jam "Needle and Thread" that rattled the hair follicles on my skull. The Royal Baths from San Francisco California come into town and shake things up in Texas with a fantastic set and it was a nice surprise to experience them for the first time. The Fresh & Onlys, also from San Francisco, close this one out with most of their popular tunes and rock that stage with every song they perform. A fusion of heat and sweat are present among their stage presence. By that time I was already getting concerned about my alcoholic intake and decided to call it a night and sadly I ducked out during their last song to close out my tab. It was a great show and I look forward to more shows at the Nightmare.

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