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Monday, April 30, 2012

Had a dream last night that I died when an alien ship crashed into the building I was in. I was at dinner with a date at her house and she was giving me a tour of her place. We we're in the bedroom and things were getting hot and steamy....then a loud eerie sound came from the outside. As we looked out into the horizon, an Alien ship started coming toward the building, We started to run and as it exploded, I didn't feel anything but a small quick sharp burn then nothing but a small blue pixelated dot of light. I then was scared and didn't want to be dead, so I called out to our dog back home, named Levi. I called "LEVI! LEVI!!" and he was right next to me licking my face and I awoke...IN MY DREAM! Then I awoke for real. Or is this life a dream? I am not sure sometimes. This dream was so vivid that I had to share with everyone.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

SO It's that time again. SXSW in a couple weeks

Pretty excited about this year as I will be focused on actually enjoying the music and...myself for once. No stressing over charging camera batteries or video recording shows or making certain shows although I have a few acts I would like to see while I am there. I plan to take it all in and just relax. I plan to just be there and experience the moment. Some bands I would like to see I can count on one hand. For the most part, I want to discover new  sound. New Build (members of Hot Chip and LCD Sound System), Washed Out, Shigeto, Caveman, Tanlines are just a few I'd like to catch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Regular Joe riding a bicycle.

I am just a Regular Joe who likes to ride. I don't have a fancy bike or fancy gear I just like to ride. People honk, yell, peel out, call me names, give me gestures, even though I am courteous and ride safe, use my traffic signals and am courteous to other pedestrians. I don't trust motorists, I never have because one shouldn't assume that they know you are right in front of them whilst they text on their phones. I was questioned by an officer yesterday, why I was riding on the side walk. I politely explained that Bailey was a dangerous street to ride on and that twice I had almost kissed the bumper of a fast moving SUV. I explained that unless the city of Fort Worth puts a bicycle lane on that street, then I'll choose to ride on the side walk and least keep a safe speed to consider any pedestrians on that sidewalk. Then explained that the parking along the side walk should be illegal since that street is narrow to begin with. He left me with a courteous "Well Be Safe Then" and sped off. I wish this town would get off their asses and start getting these lanes put down on these streets. I feel the eyes when I ride through town, I feel the anger and the bad energy from these afternoon rush hour motorists who are just jealous that I am passing them in traffic on 7th on my bicycle while riding an empty bicycle lane. I know this because they speed up to try to beat me to the next light. Really? Do you have to prove that your 2011 Ford F150 can beat my human powered two wheeled vehicle? It's just sad. But it be so. So be careful out there fellow Regular Joe/Jane cyclists!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I miss you so much (Pray for Mutsu Province Mix) by tkmf

Konishi's other Japanese Electronica/post Techno side project T.K.M.F (Time's Knowing Mind Foundation) has now released a free track "to cheer up the people" in the Tohoku region in the northeast of Japan.

The beautiful song "I miss you so much (Pray for Mutsu Province mix )" couldn't have been better chosen, especially the atmosphere of the song is adequately to the point right now. Listen to it and you'll know what we mean. The song is an alternative mix taken from the band's forthcoming mini album "Nähe" which Kenji Konishi is currently mixing down together with Taka based in Kobe (Japan). Konishi ended his mail to use by saying: "Now I am in Leipzig and watching news all day long. It really makes me sad. But I have to go my way as a musician…"