Thursday, March 3, 2011


Drunken NES - Nintendo Breathalyzer from EM Dash on Vimeo.

Been drinking a bit lately? Hmmm?                                      

Ummmm.....YEAaaaaahhh, so MAYBE NOW you can start being a little more responsible and play this NES game before leaving your place or your favorite bar. YEah, Ya SEE! MYEAH! GIT THIS FRIKKIN Thing into your bar and LETZ HAZ SOME FUN! Only you have the keys, so why not make your patrons play this game before you hand them their keys? Eh? This is NOT your average Saturday morning cartoon video game. You know, the type where you sit around in your PJ's eatin a salad bowl of Fruit Loops and occasionally spilling milk onto the controller? Nah...This beauty was created by Batsly Adams & runs on a classic Nintendo Entertainment System. Players are asked to blow into a breathalyzer, which was cleverly housed in an NES cartridge, then the game would calculate their blood alcohol level and generate their score. The drunker the player, the higher the score. Aside from being conceptually brilliant, the game’s artwork and original soundtrack (composed by Kris Keyser in FamiTracker) really make it shine. 

You bastards...Now I want to try this...HELLO WEEKEND! Where are you?

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