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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CANNED LUXURY? ~ TRY Ca l'Espinaler in Vilassar de Mar

I was watching No Reservations on my DIVO yesterday and watched the Barcelona episode. Wow how I was blown away, and how at that exact moment I felt like I wanted to sell every single thing I own just to go on an extensive trip to Spain. There's a place they featured that especially caught my eye called Taverna Ca l'Espinaler. Canned seafood and other luxury foods that you wouldn't believe! They opened a can of 2 year old tuna and showed how the juices come to life upon opening the can. The juices were simmering and bubbling up like as if they were on a stove, but it was actually just a process of the juices blending together. Tony made it seem as if it was the best thing since sliced bread. So, maybe one day I will try to order a couple cans of seafood from Ca l'Espinaler. I think Ima open that 2 year old pickled herring can I have in the pantry this afternoon. Goes well with a saltine. Mmmm, yum. Click the pic for more info.

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