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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Guitarist Ronnie Geirhart officially leaves Neon Indian

  Guitarist Ronnie Geirhart announced that he is officially parting ways with Neon Indian and planning to go a different path with his own sound according to an interview earlier this week with the Dallas Observer's Pete Freedman. He has moved back to the DFW area to concentrate on finishing school and also has been collaborating with "This Will Destroy You" drummer Alex Bhore and I really hope and pray that these two get something going. I went to see Neon Indian at the Granada last year and I will say right now and right here that Ronnie was the show. HE was the center point of attention for me as far as energy and passion goes. I have always been amazed at his musicianship and his radical guitar work. So whatever it is that Ronnie does you BETTER Believe that I will be one of the first in line to get into the show. There is a poise and attribute about Ronnie that I haven't seen in a guitarist in a long time. This guy is a straight up showman and he can play the fuck out of that guitar. SO what is it that he will be working on? He got together with Alex Bhore down at his studio in Waxahachie earlier this month to start working on an experimental sound. Here is a track they worked on called "Sultan Flower".

Sultan Flower by Ronnie Heart

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