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Monday, April 30, 2012

Had a dream last night that I died when an alien ship crashed into the building I was in. I was at dinner with a date at her house and she was giving me a tour of her place. We we're in the bedroom and things were getting hot and steamy....then a loud eerie sound came from the outside. As we looked out into the horizon, an Alien ship started coming toward the building, We started to run and as it exploded, I didn't feel anything but a small quick sharp burn then nothing but a small blue pixelated dot of light. I then was scared and didn't want to be dead, so I called out to our dog back home, named Levi. I called "LEVI! LEVI!!" and he was right next to me licking my face and I awoke...IN MY DREAM! Then I awoke for real. Or is this life a dream? I am not sure sometimes. This dream was so vivid that I had to share with everyone.

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